General Training Task 1 : A friend had invited you for a meal at his/her place


A friend had invited you for a meal at his/her place. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter

– Thank him/her for inviting you
– Describe how you felt about his/her family members
– Make suggestions about his/her visit to your place



Dear …,

I hope you will be quite well. I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the magnificent dinner with you.

It was a great day at your house.I was delighted to taste toothsome food which was enriched with nutritional values. I could not come to come to know about your exceptional culinary skill if you had not invited.Apart from the food, your whole family is amiable.It did’nt seem that i was meeting them first time. I was rejoiced to met you all.

Moreover, you have an elegant house with marvelous interior. The infrastructure is fabulous.I want to thanks you once again for making my visit memorable.

Looking forward for your visit at my place in coming vacations.Please pass my regards to your family members.
I am waiting eagerly to know about you.

Warm wishes,