General writing Task 2: Many people believe that criminals should be imprisoned


Many people believe that criminals should be imprisoned; others, however, say they should do unpaid work that is beneficial for the community. Do you agree and disagree? Give your opinion and relevant examples.



It is widely held belief that, any crime maker should be sent to a jail, but there are strong counter arguments by a section of people who think that they have to work community service for free.
I am of the opinion that this matter should be debated in the light of several factors before any conclusion can be drawn.
First and foremost, any crime should be taken a penalty, however, a trial has to take all evidence before the making decision. The primary reason we have to take into consideration that crimes such as murder, killing, homicide, terrorism have to be imprisoned, even capital punishment or life sentence is needed. For example, a person who organizes a massive killing or terror attack on the street is the most dangerous individual for a society. Therefore, he/she must sentence to long term prison with confiscating goods. Apart from that, reoffending crime has to be punished with jail sentence since repeating crime is a huge menace to society. Hence, legislatures, police, and trails do not have to pity an arduous criminal and prevent the offence in society.
One the other hand, If a person hijacks, shoplift, do burglary or fraud, community service, suspected sentence or admonishing is enough for the first time. In my view, public unpaid works is a preventive and upbringing method for them. To be exact, the crime makers realize their fault and do not try to reoffend these crimes in the future.
In conclusion, although there are a number of different points of view regarding this issue, I claim that any type of punishment is necessary for the crime, but the punishment should be well-weighted.