General writing Task 2: Many people say that applying heavy taxes to industries will prevent industrial pollution


Many people say that applying heavy taxes to industries will prevent industrial pollution. Others believe that there are other effective solutions to curb the industrial pollution. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. Include appropriate examples in your response, if necessary.



The opinion of people varies from whether the charging of hefty amounts of money in the form of taxes can reduce pollution from manufacturing units to the availability of alternatives to counter this problem of grave concern. I hold an opinion that a remedial other than the former one can work wonders.

To initiate, those who favor the imposition of higher taxes mainly cite two outcomes to inhibit growth in the levels of pollution.Firstly, the industry owners will have no other option than to give up the employment of processes that generate enormous amounts of effluents. To do this, they would invest in the up gradation their machinery to make the processes more Eco-friendly. Secondly, the industries would work at their level to promote afforestation so as to propose a stronger case in front of the government to slash the rate of tax charged from them.

In spite of the above favorable outcomes, many hold an opinion that there exists certain other effective measures as well to address the problem more effectively. The regulating authority can adopt a flexible approach by collecting the taxes on the basis of their emission of carbon, which could motivate them to act more responsibly. Furthermore, the legislation and application of stringent laws to ensure cent percent disposal of industrial waste by imposing hefty fines on the offenders can work wonders to discourage the malpractices of dumping the waste in the outskirts of the city or releasing them into the water bodies.

In conclusion, it is for the government to act proactively to prevent the deterioration of our ecosystem, preferably by establishing a separate department for it.